MotherEarth's Soul

Places of Prayer in Greater Upstate NY

By madis senner

Note. This list has been reduced and is old. You need to check and make sure that the places listed are still accessible and open to the public. Madis' book Sacred Sites in North Star Country has a much larger listing of places to visit.

Welcome Pilgrims of Peace

The following is a listing of sacred sites in the greater upstate New York area. Emphasis has been placed on those places that have a peice of Mother Earth's soul.

Capital District--Greater Albany area

Abode of the Message--The Barakah--New Lebanon, NY--A great Vibe in an old sacred place.
Schoharie Presbyterian--The Fire Still Burns--Schoharie, NY--The Spirit of Social Justice Still Burns.

Mohawk Valley--Utica Albany Corridor

Stone Arabia Church--Stone Arabia, NY--Provides for a quaint and quiet connection.
Johnson Hall, Mending Hearts--Johnstown, NY--go there if you are looking for peace or reconciliation.
Kateri, A Holy Site Many Times Over--Fonda, NY--The Chapel is very powerful.
Shrine of the Martyrs--Auriesville, NY--Traditional Catholic Shrine.

Hudson Valley

Omega Institute--Rhinebeck, NY--The woods are special.
Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center--Craryville, NY--Go for a healing.


Poland's Nature Preserve, A Hidden Treasure--Poland,NY--accessible, but secluded, offers the divine.

Central Area--Syracuse Utica Corridor

The Prophetic Spirit--Syracuse, NY--A powerful spirit line.
Spirit House--Georgetown, NY--Magical, tickles your spirit.
Muller Hill’s Enchanted Forest--Georgetown, NY--Never know what you will find.
Questing at Chapel House--Hamilton, NY--Great for contemplation.
Plymouth Sanctuary of Love and Justice--Syracuse, NY--Feel the spirit of social justice.
Liberties’ Guiding Light--Peterboro, NY--Where they walked the walk and talked the talk.
Emotional Healing, Upstate Chapel—-Syracuse, NY--A great place for healing.
Peacemaker’s Sanctuary--Onondaga Lake, NY--Where peace is possible.
Tree of Peace--Onondaga Lake, NY--IN the spirit of the great Peacemaker.

North Country--Oswego, Watertown, Tug Hill

Vivekananda's Light House---Thousand Islands Park, NY--Where the great mystic was transformed and reached the highest stages of samadhi.
Gobind Sadan USA--Hastings, NY--Great devotion and acceptance of others draws you.
Whetstone Gulf--Lowville, NY--Grand canyon of the east.
Inman Gulf--Barnes Corners, NY--Rim Walk with Mother Earth.
Deer Creek Wildlife Refuge--Lake Ontario (Pulaski)--A chance to connect with Mother Earth's soul on a pristine beach front.

Southern Tier--Binghamton, Elmira, Chenango

Church Square--Dansville, NY--Pastoral Small Town Charm.
Spirit (Indian Orchard) Falls--East Guilford NY--Quiet and paceful.

Finger Lakes

Peace Chief’s Birthplace—Canoga, NY--Go and help heal the rift between Native and Non-Native.
Foundation of Light, Spiritual Enlightenment--Ithaca, NY--An incredible and inviting facility.
Ithaca's Spiritual Embers Still Glow--Ithaca, NY--At the cross roads of Native trails.
Danby's Forest of Prayers--Danby, NY--An old Native village where the spirit still remains.
Bare Hill, Finding the Big Answer--Middlesex, NY--Embers of the council fires will help you find answers.
Wisdom’s Golden Rod, Learn & Grow--Hector, NY--A great spiritual center where much meditation occurs.

Hi Tor--Southern Canandaigua Lake, Has Been Removed


Genessee Valley--Metro Rochester, Genesee Valley

Ganondagan--Victor, NY--Still has the feel of when it was a Seneca Village.
Spiritual Crossroads, Meeting House--Farmington, NY--Interesting
Where Hope Springs--Pultneyville, NY--Beautiful location.
City Sanctuary, First Unitarian church--Rochester, NY--A divine location within a city.
Henrietta United Church of Christ (UCC)--Henrietta, NY--Nice.
Gossamer Wood—Nurturing Nature--Canandaigua, NY--A refuge in the woods enhanced to take in Mother Earth.
Scotts Bluff--Wolcott, NY. A beautiful view and quiet beach front on Lake Ontario.

Western NY

Valentine Flats--ZoarValley, Gowanda, NY--A view and a chance to connect.
Forty Road--ZoarValley, Gowanda, NY--Nice
Basilica-Fountain of Compassion and Giving--Buffalo, NY--Beautiful, full or love.
Michigan Street Baptist, Underground RR--Buffalo, NY--A chance to try and touch history

If you go

Make sure to bring and drink plenty of water when you visit. Regularly assess how you feel to make sure you do not over do it. Generally speaking your body will regulate your ability to absorb consciousness. You may experience positive conditions such as a spiritual high, happiness or bliss. You may also have negative experiences as when you meditate too much—dizziness, headaches, nausea, etc...

The most important thing your can bring is a positive intention—for a better world and a better self and the willingness to look beyond oneself for solutions.

Since many of the places are outdoors a cushion would be a good thing to have. You can buy outdoor cushions at the sporting goods sections of large stores. Such cushions are waterproof and retain your body warmth to keep you warm. Outdoor locations may not have bathroom facilities.

Contact me if you have any problems at a site or have a place to recommend.


madis senner,315-463-5369
In emailing me make sure to change (at) to @ in the address header: madis senner

Blessing to you. May you bring peace, healing and knowledge to yourself and the world. Peace

Base of the Tree of Peace--planted by Chief Jake Swamp of the Wolf Clan and the Mohawk Nation in the Willow Bay section of Onondaga Lake Park. The four lines of stones on the base represent the four spirit lines that pass over the Tree of Peace. The centers of three lines pass directly through the center of the Tree, the fourth to the side. In his ceremony Jake told us that it is good to pray next to the Tree of Peace. Amen.

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