Gobind Sadan

One of the many places of Prayer in Upstate NY.

It is always good to find a sacred place that has been reclaimed by people of faith and made their home. Gobind Sadan USA in Hastings NY 30 miles north of Syracuse is one such place.

Open to the public Gobind Sadan USA consists of 250 acres of open and wooded lands, a Sikh temple and various other buildings. A monument is currently being constructed where the old temple once stood (more on that later.) This monument space is a powerful place of love and energy where all visitors should spend time in prayer and meditation.

"Gobind Sadan is a place of pilgrimage for all people. It's a farm-based spiritual community with locations in India and the United States, combining hard work and meditation under the blessings and guidance of Baba Virsa Singh Ji.
Babaji teaches the universal messages of all prophets and transforms people through love, faith, meditation and service. He does not seek any charity or followers. Gobind Sadan is staffed by volunteers. The farm income is used to uplift the materially and spiritually poor.
The farms are miracles of land reclamation in previously barren wastelands. They demonstrate the reality of God and the power of faith. Miraculous healings are also everyday occurrences at Gobind Sadan where devotions proceed around the clock.
Baba Virsa Singh ji's communities in India and the USA are also in formal schools for training the mind towards love of and faith in God. People from all over the world come to these spiritual places as volunteers and as worshippers of the One God. About Gobind Sadan

Because the Gobind Sadan community has taken their devotion and spiritual practices to heart they have built upon the sacredness of the space. Their prayers and good thoughts have helped enhance the spiritual air of the place. This has created a positive samskara and attracted energy from the prayer and good thoughts/deeds. (Whenever we pray we can attract energy.

Gobind Sadan is a testament to the power of love and Jesus’ prophet teachings of “turn the other cheek” and “love your enemies”. In a racially motivated hate crimes local youth burned down the temple in the immediate aftermath of 9-11 in a deluded act of retribution. They viewed the turbans and beards and an unfamiliar religion as a threat. Instead of looking to punish the youth USA representative Ralph Singh looked to heal and create understanding. From this act of violence, he reached out to the community and school administrators to build a bridge of understanding. This wonderful story has been documented in the film “North of 49”..

Two of what many would call “miracles” occurred when the temple was burned down. First, the holy scriptures/books housed in the temple were left unscathed in a devastating fire. Secondly a fireman testifies that his life was saved by a voice that told him to back up when he was on the second floor during the blaze. Moments later the floor where he had been standing collapsed and flames roared up from the first floor to engulf the whole room. A monument is being constructed on this sacred space.

Gaia’s Soul-- Gobind Sadan sits on numerous fields of consciousness. The place of worship, other building and fields all contain pieces of mother earth’s soul. Some of them are stacked grids. It appears that where the original temple burned down and monument is being constructed was previously a Spirit Keepers sacred site. It is here where the miracles occurred.. It is a source of love and energy that I cannot name because it has not been catalogued. It is pretty much at the center of the foundation of where the monument will be built and provides a strong connection to the divine. I strongly urge you to spend some time in prayer and meditation there.

The physical fields, those that we can see, also contain numerous fields of consciousness and are covered with very positive and loving samskaras. If you have time I suggest you take a contemplative walk in them.

If you visit please make sure to say “Hi” to Gurbachan while you are there. He takes care of Baba Ji’s USA’s home. He tells me that Baba Ji says that Gobind Sadan sits on one of the most sacred places on earth. How right he is.

To learn more about go to: Gobind Sadan

For directions to go to: Directions to Gobind Sadan USA.

Hope you have a chance to visit Gobind Sadan USA and add to the love that exists there.

God Bless and Praise Allah,

Madis Senner

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