Gaia's Soul

Fields of Consciousness

By madis senner

“Blessings and praises to you, Spirit Keepers for all work, prayers and love to keep the spirit glowing. May we now reinvigorate those embers that still remain and make the world glow bright again.”

Gaia’s soul consists of fields of consciousness that dot the earth. These are places like our own soul where we can connect with God, a place that emanates God’s presence and can be powerfully transformative. They are the key to our collective spiritual evolution.

Muller Hill's Enchanted Forest

Fields of consciousness dynamically interact like ripples created by dropping a pebble in the water in a give and take with us individually and collectively to influence our consciousness. They connect families, communities and countries in ways that are unimaginable to most of us. In other words, the spirit behind a very good act/thought or a very bad act/thought in one place can reverberate hundreds of miles away in another community or country. Fields of consciousness are the glue that binds humanity and shapes our global consciousness. We are ONE!

I have been blessed with the knowledge of fields of consciousness and share my knowledge with you in the hopes that you will join me in helping raise the world’s spirituality and awareness. I thank God and the Spirit Keepers for this. My experience is that it is possible for an individual or group of individuals to have a profound impact in bringing peace or healing to an area if they work with the knowledge of fields of consciousness. Fields of consciousness can help to magnify the impact of prayers, good intentions, offerings, ceremony and the like. More importantly those willing to come visit and pray with us in the greater central and upstate New York area, where Gaia’s soul resides, we can help humanity take a giant step forward in starting to help create heaven upon earth.

Executive Summary

The following is a summary of fields of consciousness. You can read individual sections by clicking on them, or read the whole thing by clicking on the link at the end. The sections are as follows:

Section 1 The Ability to Be Transformed—Gaia’s soul like ours longs to be and can be transformed for the better. According to Hindu philosophy focused spiritual practices help raise our Kundalini energy. This energy then meets with our soul in an explosion of bliss and helps raise our consciousness and spiritual awareness. That same process of attracting energy occurs on earth wherever we pray. Prayer done at fields of consciousness can be powerfully transformative in healing Mother Earth and bringing about peace.

Section 2 The Layout and the Make-up— Fields of consciousness are Gaia’s soul and the mechanism by which God spreads his/her divinity around the world. Love, healing, compassion, inspiration and all that we hold dear are found there—all meant to help us grow spiritually.

A field of consciousness is made up of places of consciousness, invisible to the naked eye, that emanate God’s highest aspirations in a uniform grid connected by and powered by energy lines. Lines of consciousness (spirit lines or what many call ley lines) pass over in close proximity to the places of consciousness and act in a give or take picking up God’s essence and dropping off the consciousness along its path.

Section 3 Consciousness--Places of consciousness exude Gaia’s soul. Their physical, or auric space, at the center is not more than a few feet in diameter, although their sphere of influence can be significantly more. `There are all sorts of consciousness—each of which plays a role in moving us closer to God. So far we have only scratched the surface of knowledge regarding places of consciousness.

Section 4 Lines of consciousness (L.O.C.’s)--Lines of consciousness (L.O.C.’s or Spirit Lines) are carriers of consciousness. Lines of consciousness emanate from fields of consciousness and are how mother earth spreads her love, compassion and wisdom around the world. They are what many would call “Ley Lines”. Spirit lines dynamically interact with the consciousness (thoughts, actions, deeds) that it meets along its path and can magnify the power of the field of consciousness or inhibit it by covering it with samskaras.

Spirit Lines are associated with sacred sites and have historically attracted places of worship, particularly at the intersection point of several spirit lines as they stretch around the world. There are fields within mother earth’s soul that have hundreds of spirit lines emanating from them, dwarfing anything seen anywhere else in the world.

Places of Prayer
Mother Earth's Soul

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Section 5 Birthplace of the spiritual, the prophetic and justice-- There has been a succession of great souls and great causes that were born in the CNY area—birthplace of democracy/women’s movement/religions/religious movements—all a testament to the influence of Gaia’s soul. Several fields are linked with great events and prominent leaders in spiritual and social justice efforts. Unfortunately, Gaia’s soul has been caked over with samskaras, much like pollution, that have reduced her ability to inspire and send the prophetic spirit around the world.

Section 6 Come Pray at Gaia’s Soul-- For too long mankind has lived in ignorance about mother earth and her soul. The consequences have been disastrous. War and violence is the order of the day. Intention and prayer done in fields of consciousness can help mother earth heal. It will help raise the world’s consciousness and in doing so help us break free of the bonds that tether us to the physical world.

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