Gaia's Soul
The Layout and the Make-up of
Fields of Consciousness

By madis senner

Fields of consciousness are powerful places that emanate consciousness and beckon our divine being.

Fields of consciousness are Gaia’s soul and the mechanism by which God spreads his/her divinity. While it is Gaia’s soul, it is humanity’s actions and intentions that determine what will be done with this precious gift from God. Humanity can either follow the prophetic teachings that collectively move us closer to heaven upon earth or turn away from the teachings and move us closer to the abyss. As we move closer to the abyss mother earth, like us, reacts with a breakdown of her breath1 ; from the diminishing of the quality of the air (pollution, breakdown of the ozone levels and temperate zones) to violent storms (twisters, hurricanes, fire) to inclement weather (drought, torrential rain, blizzards). Fortunately as we learned in the previous section spiritual practices2 can help in our and mother earth’s spiritual development and help in regaining control of Gaia’s breath.

A field of consciousness is made up of many places that emanate God’s highest good and are called places of consciousness (See Exhibit 1). They are invisible to the visible eye. View them as being like heating coils that exude God’s essence. They are uniformly placed and are equidistant (2-10 feet) from each other at 90 degrees angles that collectively form a large rectangle. They are fueled by powerful energy lines that connect them in a grid. These energy lines intersect at right angles at the center of the places of consciousness and are powered by near by energy vortices.

The consciousness emanating from the grid is carried around the world by lines of consciousness (L.O.C.’s, Spirit Lines, or what many call Ley Lines). As Spirit Lines pass in close proximity to or directly over the places emanating God’s essence, they interact with them, absorbing its consciousness and broadcasting it in distant places. The “lines of consciousness” (L.O.C.’s) begin from what I call “Originators” within the field (see Exhibit 1).

Field of Consciousness

The pictures below are of a field of consciousness in my backyard. I have encircled the field with stones and placed an individual stone upon each place of consciousness. Notice how evenly the stones are separated. The top picture is from my house looking the north while the lower picture is looking west towards my house. The latter shot, farther from my house is on a stacked grid; it appears that the places of consciousness are slightly separated more there.

Fields of consciousness dynamically interact with humanity in a give and take. As Spirit Lines travel around the world carrying forth consciousness they simultaneously will be transporting back consciousness in reverse from the farthest reaches. The consciousness that these lines encounter along their path will either help to magnify God’s essence or diminish it. Should the L.O.C.’s encounter places of worship and individuals that embody divine qualities and Jesus-like behavior, non-violence, poverty, compassion, it will maintain and possibly magnify the attributes that they carry. Conversely should the L.O.C.’s encounter the demonic or its qualities of violence, self-interest, wealth, they will act to tarnish the divine qualities of the L.O.C. The L.O.C. will then carry back these negative qualities and coat the field of consciousness with samskaras that will reduce the ability of the field to emanate God’s essence. Geographic samskaras like individual samskaras are a cumulative record of all the thoughts and actions we have undertaken, or for geographic samskaras, all that has occurred at a particular place. If good things have happened it will create a positive samskara that will attract more good, conversely if bad things have happened at a particular place it will work to attract more of the negative thoughts/actions that have transpired there. Sages tell us that samskaras are the biggest impediment to our spiritual development and if not cleared up will come back as karmas in our next life.

Exhibit 1 shows one field of consciousness. Often there are many such fields, or grids, that form a much larger field of consciousness. In large fields you will find originators that can send out as many as dozen(maybe more) Lines of Consciousness and appear to act almost like a central hub. It could also be that several fields may be stacked on top of each other and not all parts will overlap--this will create a very large field . The other fields will most often be powered by different energy vortices that may be at different angles. We have found as many as 7 fields stacked upon each other. Such fields can be very powerful. It can also make certain places of consciousness particularly powerful because many more energy lines will be powering them.

There may be more components to fields of consciousness that have not been revealed to me yet. It could well be that there other features and attributes in other locations that may interact with fields of consciousness. I mention this to remind the reader there is a lot more that needs to be learned.

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