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"Educating people about Mother Earth, her subtle body and her soul. We encourage you to come to upstate NY and pray/meditate at Mother Earth's soul. This will be powerfully transformative and healing. It will also help strengthen Mother Earth and begin ushering in peace and harmony as prayers done at Mother Earth's soul reverberate, very, very far."

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Mother Earth's Soul

Mother Earth’s soul resides in the greater upstate NY in the general area of the old Erie Canal. It stretches towards the north into Canada, towards the East into New England, to the south into Pennsylvania and to the west into Ohio and southern Ontario. It is made up of what I call fields of consciousness. These fields have the ability to heal mother earth and you, as well as help advance our individual and global consciousness. Our experience is that prayer/meditation/ceremony done at these fields can have a powerfully transformative affect upon an individual. We have also found that spiritual practices and ceremony done at fields can similarly influence communities. See Peacemaker’s Sanctuary. Many of us believe that this transformative ability can similarly happen for the country and rest of the world. We hope that you will come and bring your love, devotion and desire for a better world and pray at some of the sites listed.

Recorded history shows that the area of the old Erie Canal route was the birthplace of many initiatives that helped shape our country and world--democratically, spiritually and in social justice. Before that the oral tradition of the Haudenosaunee tells of a great prophet that made peace between warring factions and gave the people the Great Law of Peace that would later become the basis for American democracy.

Upstate New York is the birthplace of democracy, America's second Great Awakening, the Evangelical movement, the New Age movement and the women’s movement. Religions were born here (Mormonism, Shakers…) and prophets walked the earth. It has been called the Burnt over District for the all the religions born and burnt over with something new, America’s psychic highway for its religious fervent, social justice and experimentations and North star country for all the freedom seekers that came here on the Underground Railroad. It is this ferver, this ability for spiritual awakening, radicalism and desire for a better world that we are trying to tap into. For more go to Birthplace of the spiritual, the prophetic and justice

Emphasis has been placed on listing sites that have historically been a well spring for enlightenment, epiphany and sacrifice for the greater good. All of the sites listed have fields of consciousness on them. I have tried to give you an accurate a description as possible about a particular site and where the fields are located.

If you wish to gain sentience of Mother Earth and consciousness, I suggest that you focus on the sensations you experience in your body while meditating in a field of consciousness. You may get a tingling sensation in your hands and legs, or in your subtle body or in your forehead area. Focus on that sensation while you are meditating. If you do not get a sensation imagine divine light and love surrounding and entering your subtle body.

Visiting Places of Prayer

There are no prescribed procedures or practices for you to follow at a sacred site. When we say prayer we mean all forms of spiritual exercises—meditation, contemplation, mantra, petition, praise, thanks, visualization, healing work and traditional forms of prayer—as well as ceremony and ritual. So are free to do what you want.

Each site is unique and has its own identity. There are different types of consciousness and each sacred site is covered with Geographic samskaras from those that have been there before, thereby helping create its own identity. When we see something special, an opportunity to help, evolve or learn, I will note this. Most of the places reviewed do contain comments about specific practices that you might consider doing.

You are bringing your own individual uniqueness and gifts to a sacred site. What you get from a site might be totally different from what we perceive. You could also have special needs that need to be fulfilled or special gifts that you can provide. Remember we are talking about a dynamic give and take.


madis senner

Blessing to you. May you bring peace, healing and knowledge to yourself and the world. Peace

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