Mother Earth Prayers was created by Madis Senner to encourage people to pray at Mother Earth’s soul in upstate New York. Madis is assisted by Lorraine Mavins and few others. Their goal is to continue to grow the listings of sacred sites and raise awareness of about Mother Earth’s soul in hopes that people will make a pilgrimage to upstate NY to pray there. They believe that history shows that people praying, visiting or living in close proximity to select aspects of Mother Earth’s soul can be very transformational and healing to both the individuals and the world overall. The listing of sacred sites focuses on these places, called fields of consciousness, where often great people lived and great events occurred.

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Please consider helping us by donating to our mission. Your donation is tax deductable. Mother Earth Prayers is part of Jubilee Initiative, a 501-(c) (3) New York registered not-for –profit corporation. Click on the paypal button below to make a secure transaction or you can send a check payable to Jubilee Initiative, 321 Burns Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13206.

Effort is also made to clean and heal select sacred spots so that they may be listed on the website. These will be posted when appropriate. In 2008 an effort was launched to make select city sanctuaries in upstate NY even brighter beacons of God’s spirit, light and love. Places that people could go to for healing or to find solutions for life’s challenges. One is the Basilica in Lackawanna (Buffalo area) and the other is Plymouth Congregation in Syracuse. There have been several group meditations in both of these facilities and more are planned. It is hoped that similar sanctuaries will be found in Rochester and Albany. In addition to group meditation Mother Earth Prayers leads surveys of sacred sites and a variety of workshops and talks.

Recently effort was expanded to include educating people about the functioning of Mother Earth’s subtle body. The website now contains information on such things as explaining how prana/chi/qi works and flows and our dynamic relationship with Mother Earth. It is hoped that this educational effort will help people learn how to work with Mother Earth so that we can better able tackle the many environmental issues we face. The longer term goal is to purchase select sacred sites, most likely in conjunction with a land trust, and turn them into pilgrimage sites for people to visit.

Because Mother Earth’s soul stretches to the north into Canada, to the east into New England, to the south into Pennsylvania and to the west into southern Ontario and Ohio it is hoped that in the not to distant future sites from these geographic locations will also be included on the list of sacred sites.

Mother Earth Prayers is part of the Jubilee Initiative Organization
The Jubilee Initiative is a 501-(c) (3) New York registered not-for –profit corporation.

Jubilee Initiative was formed in 2001 to provide information and education and to solicit interest in a variety of efforts to serve the greater good: economic justice, wealth rebalancing and peace.

The board of directors are as follows:

Lorraine Mavins Retired as branch manager of the Paine branch library of the Onondaga County Library system. For seven years she was the supervisor of the regional grants collection at Central Library. She taught grants and proposal writing to not for profits. She was the chair of the Community Development Advisory Committee for the city of Syracuse. She is passionately committed to healing Mother Earth and raising awareness about her. She assists Madis with surveys among other things.

Bill Coop Recently retired Presbyterian minister. Bill has had a life-long committment to God and serving the needs of the poor and the oppressed. He has been an active participant with Presbyterian Peace Fellowship and other groups dedicated to peace and justice. Bill moved to Syracuse in 1990 to takeover an inner city ministry. He became actively involved with several groups and organizations dealing with urgent needs in our city--Most notably with stopping the spread of violence.

Madis Senner, the creator of Mother Earth Prayers and author of the Jubilee Initiative, is a CPA and former money manager. He has an MBA(Finance/Accounting) and BS in English Education from Syracuse University. He worked for over 15 years on Wall Street, the bulk of it as a global bond manager, for several firms: Van Eck, Chase Manhattan Private Bank, SunRay Securities, Clemente Capital, Jardine Flemings and Dillon Read. Madis began his career as an English teacher in Belle Glade, Florida. He has lived and worked in Saudi Arabia, England and Japan. Madis has written for the NY Times, Barrons, the IFR and Counterpunch. He is the author of Japanese Euroderivatives, published in 1990 by Euromoney. He is author of The Way Home—Making Heaven on Earth.