Mother Earth Prayers was created by Madis Senner to encourage people to pray at Mother Earth’s soul in upstate New York. We look to raise awareness of about Mother Earth’s soul in hopes that people will make a pilgrimage to upstate NY to pray there. We believe that history shows that people praying, visiting or living in close proximity to select aspects of Mother Earth’s soul can be very transformational and healing to both the individuals and the world overall. We are dedicated to working with our Mother to make a better world.

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Please consider helping us by donating to our mission. Your donation is tax deductable. Mother Earth Prayers is part of Jubilee Initiative, a 501-(c) (3) New York registered not-for –profit corporation. Click on the paypal button below to make a secure transaction or you can send a check payable to Jubilee Initiative, 321 Burns Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13206.

A variety of efforts have been put forward to encourage people to visit upstate NY, A website was created Mother Earth Prayers. Which was supplemented by and eventually replaced with a blog, Mother Earth Prayers Blog. Effort was also made to clean and heal select sacred spots so that they may be listed on the website.

In 2010 effort was begun to purchase Spirit House in Georgetown, NY and turn it into a Historic Home/Spiritual Retreat Center. Spiritual House, is a former Spiritualist Mecca and looks like a giant wedding cake. Spirit house Society was formed; several fund raising events were held and numerous presentations were made around upstate NY. Over 100 people joined the Spirit house Society and we had a list serve of 500 people bringing together a diverse group of historians, preservationists, New Age types and "Earth Healers." There was strong backing within the community and support provided from government officials and others in our filings to raise money from NYS Historical Preservation. Unfortunately one of our members decided that they wanted the house for themselves. Consequently the Spirit House Society folded and monies raised after expenses (filings,archetectural fees, advertising...) was donated to two Madison County not for profits--the Gerrit Smith Estate and Madison hall in Morrisville. You can read about the Spirit House Society at,Spirit House Society Blog and see pictures of Spirit House at Spirit House Pictures and even a video at, Spirit house Video

In 2015 and 2016 money was raised to buy benches for the Sanctuary Peacemakers Sanctuary at Onondaga Lake. Several events were held there, one garnering much media attention.Vigil for the Victims of Las Vegas Shooting Effort continues to be make to make the Peacemakers' Sanctuary a retreat and refugee for individuals and a gathering place for the greater Central New York community. In 2017 we also stated a Earth Healers group to educate about our Mother and how to Heal Her and in the process make a better world. Madis had a wonderful interview with Dan Cummings for hist Newsmakers Show on why he believes Upstate NY Can Become a major Destination for Spiritual Tourists

In 2018 we launched an initiative to purchase Gossamer Wood and turn it into a sacred preserve for all to enjoy and started a new chapter. This will mostly likely lead to the creation of some sort of land trust and possibly acquiring other sacred places longer term, a Sacred Sites Land Trust. We see our effort to protect and raise the vibe of sacred places and to educate about Mother Earth through such efforts as Earth Healers.

Mother Earth Prayers is part of the Jubilee Initiative Organization (EIN 16-1609072)

Jubilee Initiative is a 501-(c) (3) New York registered not-for –profit corporation.

Jubilee Initiative was formed in 2001 to provide information and education and to solicit interest in a variety of efforts to serve the greater good: economic justice, wealth rebalancing and peace.

The board of directors are as follows:

Bill Coop, is a retired Presbyterian minister. Bill has had a life-long commitment to God and serving the needs of the poor and the oppressed. He has been an active participant with Presbyterian Peace Fellowship and other groups dedicated to peace and justice. Bill moved to Syracuse in 1990 to takeover an inner city ministry. He became actively involved with several groups and organizations dealing with urgent needs in our city--Most notably with stopping the spread of violence.

Zac Moore, is a long time activist-(Stop Midland Sewage, Environmental efforts, anti Fracking...) and active Green Party member that works in the financial services industry.

Madis Senner, the creator of Mother Earth Prayers and author of the Jubilee Initiative, is a CPA and former money manager. He has an MBA(Finance/Accounting) and BS in English Education from Syracuse University. He worked for over 15 years on Wall Street, the bulk of it as a global bond manager, for several firms: Van Eck, Chase Manhattan Private Bank, SunRay Securities, Clemente Capital, Jardine Flemings and Dillon Read. Madis began his career as an English teacher in Belle Glade, Florida. He has lived and worked in Saudi Arabia, England and Japan. Madis has written for the NY Times, Barrons, the IFR and Counterpunch. While a money manager he wroteJapanese Euroderivatives, published in 1990 by Euromoney. Since leaving Wall Stree and beginning his spiritual path he has written numerous books, Sacred Sites in North Star Country, Vortices and Spirals, The Way Home—Making Heaven on Earth.

Janice Carr Janice Carr is a professional violinist, teacher, and was an orchestra director in area schools for 27 years. Janice is leader of Candlelight Music which performs throughout Central New York. Janice is on the board of the Finger Lakes Dowsers. She is a member of the Associated Society of Dowsers, the North East Antiquities Research Association, Gem and Mineral Society of Syracuse, American Federation of Musicians, and the Self Realization Meditation Group of Syracuse. Janice is a supporter of environmental and animal causes. She is a Shamanic apprentice, Earth Healer and has had a life-long interest in ancient American and European myth/ history.

Tim Hart, has taught 5th & 6th grades for 30 years, served on state & local boards for his Unitarian Universalist Church, local School Board, Gem & Mineral Club, IANDS, and lobbied locally & in Albany for environmental issues, Native Am. & LGBT rights, medical cannabis, as well as education funding and teaching issues. He has been interviewed by local TV, NPR, and the Syracuse Newspapers.