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Spirit Keepers would build stone mounds for prayer/meditation within fields of consciousness. They would either build a mound directly on a place of consciousness or within the field. They would also place a series of stones on places of consciousness. It took some effort and work to clean up the samskaras that have covered some of the stone mounds we have found. These places can be powerful and will have drawn several energy lines drawn to them—Shiva/Shatki. It is not recommended that one meditate or pray on them for long until one builds up their spiritual strength.

Below are some picture of some stones Spirit Keepers placed on places of consciousness within a stacked field that contains a lot of "vision" consciousness. They are quite powerful. We suggest you meditate on them to see if you can pick-up on their love.

Spirit Keepers were an ancient people who lived thousands of years ago that knew how to work with fields of consciousness and other aspects of Mother Earth's soul. They had the uncanny ability to place stones, or create mounds, on Places of Consciousness, Spirit Lines and other sacred aspects of Earth Mother.

We do not know who they are, or where they come from. We believe that they like many others found passage to Turtle Island. We are not sure whether they were wiped out or assimilated into other peoples.

What is clear is that they were knowledgeable about fields of consciousness and knew how to create sacred sites to tap into fields and to work with Mother Earth. The pictures on this page are some older stones that we have un-covered that we believe were their work. They created intricate patterns, that have left an inedilible mark, in the form of dowseable energy lines. As I have discussed (See Mother Earth's Kundalini whenever we pray we have the ability to attract energy to a place. In the next few months I will be writing about those formations on this page in the next few months.

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