Gaia's Soul
The Ability to Be Transformed

By madis senner

Gaia, or mother earth, like us, is a living being who has a soul. A soul that like ours contains God’s divine spark, connects us with God and has the potential to realize God’s greatest aspirations for us. It is pure consciousness. It is also a soul that, like ours, longs to be spiritually transformed and evolved.

Gobind Sadan USA. Site of numerous miracles. Baba Ji said that Gobind Sadan sits on one of the most sacred places in the world.

Gaia’s consciousness like ours is a reflection of our thoughts, actions and deeds, only Gaia’s consciousness is a collective reflection of humanities thoughts, actions and deeds. Like ours it can run the continuum from the divine to demonic as the Bhagavad Gita teaches us1. As we will discuss in following sections Gaia soul has mechanism’s such as Lines of Consciousness (L.O.C.’s, spirit lines, ley lines) that connect us collectively and with mother earth, so what we do and think reverberates around the world.

Fortunately all of us, as faith traditions teach us, have the ability to be transformed for the better through right living and prayer. Patajanli2 and other sages have taught us that spiritual exercises can greatly help advance our spiritual development.

'Shiva & Shakti
the Twin 'Realities'

Swami Nischalananda Saraswati
Bihar School of Yoga

”Shiva represents the unmanifest and Shakti the manifest; Shiva the formless and Shakti the formed; Shiva consciousness and Shakti energy, not only in the cosmos as a whole but in each and every individual. The roots of Shakti are in Shiva. Though one is manifested and the other unmanifested, they are in the ultimate sense one and the same One is the principle of changelessness and the other, the principle of change- Shakti is change within changelessness while Shiva is changelessness as the root of change. The experience of perfect unity of the changeless and the changeable, the dissolution of duality, is the aim of Tantra, and thus of Yoga.”

” Everything you see around you, whether physical, psychic, mental or whatever, is Shakti, both individually and collectively. This includes everything from a pebble to the sun. All manifestations of Shakti come from the underlying substratum, Shiva. The aim of Tantra is to invert the process to retread the path of creation as it were, back to union with Shiva or the Paramatman (supreme). .”

To understand why spiritual exercises (prayer, meditation, offerring) can help advance global consciousness we need to look to Hindu philosophy. According to the Tantric school prayer, meditation and other forms of spiritual exercises increases our level of energy. It holds that prayer/meditation helps raise the Kundalini energy (uncoiled serpent) trapped in our mooladhara chakra (base chakra). As we spiritually evolve our Kundalini energy rises piercing our various chakras. When it reaches our anahata chakra (heart chakra) it unites with our individual consciousness in what has been described as an explosion of bliss. United, or re-united, they together move higher and ultimately unite with global consciousness (God) in our Sashasara chakra (crown chakra).

The union of energy with consciousness has significance in Hindu philosophy and how the world was created. The world began as pure consciousness/Godhead (called Purusha), and from this the material world and energy (called Prakriti) was created. Consciousness is also referred to as Shiva and energy/matter as Shakti. The union of Shiva (male aspects of God) with Shakti (female aspects of God) marks the beginning of the sojourn back to God and the reversal of devolution into the material world.

Swami Satyasanganada Saraswati in Sri Vijnana Bhairava Tantra The Ascent notes the significance and power of reuniting Shiva with Shakti and the effect upon an individual:

“When the jivatma, or individual consciousness residing in the heart cavity, unites with mahashatki, the highest energy, which inhabits the cavity at the base of the spine known as mooladhara chakra, it sets the ground or foundation for this reunification. It is mahashakti who sets the wheel of creation into motion at the behest of consciousness. Her physical form is that of a coiled serpent, thus she is known as kundalini. When she unites with the individual consciousness in the region of the anahata chakra, the resulting explosion completely overrides the electromagnetic circuits of the brain and total illumination occurs in sahasrara chakra, the abode of Shiva, which has been described as a thousand-petalled lotus.” Page 9

She goes on tell how spiritual exercises can speed the process; “The practices of tantra hasten the natural process of evolution and allow that experience to unfold in this life….”page 10

Gaia's Soul
Topographical Map of Upstate New York

Gaia's Soul. The above topographical map of New York State shows the Allegheny Range, in brownshades, coming to an end in the greater Central New York area, in green. The Great Lakes of lake Ontario, above, amd Lake Erie, to the left, can be seen. The finger lakes basin contains 20%of the wor'ds fresh water. The Finger lakes are also found in upstate NY as are numerous other lakes, rivers and streams.

The same concept of kundalini energy rising within our individual body is also at work within Gaia. Prayer and positive intentions attract energy to a particular location. Dowsers such as Sig Lonegren and others have long noted that energy lines, un-detectable to the human eye, are drawn to sacred sites. They have found that over time continued prayer will attract energy lines, create energy vortexes, and draw water domes and other energy features to a site. Further such energy lines and formations remain for a very long time as a testament to the prayers that were previously recorded at a place. This is why it is good to pray at old sacred sites and one reason why we are always drawn to the same site over and over again; in other words as new communities and civilizations develop the are drawn to build places of worship at the same location.

Spiritual Footprints

Dowsing for energy lines can be a valuable tool for gauging sacred sites when no physical remains can be found; Or if someone does not wish to desecrate or disturb a sacred site with digging. Archeologists should consider using dowsing to validate or learn more about a sacred site.

I have begun using energy lines to confirm sacred sites and to pinpoint specific prayer places within them. Ancient sacred circles and the energy lines drawn to them leave an energy footprint even when there are no physical remains. They tell a story and often reveal some interesting formations. For example, a sacred circle while physically long gone will leave its imprint—a circular energy line moving in a clockwise direction and energy lines drawn to its center.

Most importantly they will reveal to you a place of love that you can add onto.

The energy drawn to a sacred place like kundalini rising within a person can help raise the spiritual awareness and consciousness of an area. The more prayer, the more energy, the better.

Prayer and ceremony done at a field of consciousness can not only attract energy but can significantly impact a community. We held a prayer vigil on a field of consciousness at the Peacemaker’s Sanctuary at Onondaga Lake on November 29, 2002 to ask God’s help in bringing an end to violence in the city of Syracuse. The city had seen a continuing rise in murders with 2002 being a record year with a homicide almost every other week. The vigil marked a turnaround. There were no murders for several months following the vigil and since then the city has seen a continual drop in all forms of violence; Amazing because violence has been rising in cities across the country in recent years.

Spiritual exercises performed at fields of consciousness, like spiritual practices such as tantra and others on our own body, can have a disproportionately powerful impact. We believe that what happened at the Peacemaker’s sanctuary is infinitesimal in comparison to what is possible.

(Note: This is not meant to advocate the myopic focus on building up energy, as with the individual body, as the be all as some do. Rather attracting (building up) energy comes as a natural part of a process, a means to an ends—not the ends itself.)

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