Muller Hill’s Enchanted Forest
Georgetown, NY

One of the many places of Prayer in Upstate NY.

There are parts of the NY state forest at Muller Hill that make you feel that you are in a mystical place. You expect that any moment you may encounter a hobbit, elf or some other mythical creature. While some may wince about the existence of these fairy tale creatures, no one will escape the sense of something different, something unusual or something special about Muller Hill.

It could be the Amish and their buggies that have begun inhabiting the Georgetown (30 Miles SE of Syracuse, NY) area that gives the area a feel of a bygone era. It could be that Spirit House which rests in the valley below and is the former Mecca of spiritualism that drew thousands in the nineteenth century, creates this aura of mysticism. Or it may just be the mystery that surrounds Muller Hill and its mansion that gives you the sense that there is something lying below the reality in the front of your eyes.

Muller Mansion

A historic marker on Muller Hill Road marks the former site of the Muller Mansion. It was built by Louis Muller a general in the French army who was loyal to the king and queen of France during the Napoleonic wars. In 1805 he was banished from France by Napoleon and was rumored to have been involved in a plot to kill Napoleon. In 1807 he and his family moved to America and purchased the land on Muller Hill. The mansion was constructed in 1808.

All the stories surrounding Muller and his mansion, what some called a fortress, show him to be secretive, mysterious and very fearful that he would be found in America and be killed:

“An escape tunnel was supposed to have run from the cellar to an entrance hidden outside so strangers would not be able to find it…. Muller seldom left his estate and when riding around his land he was always accompanied by two guards, both armed…Muller lived quietly on his estate until the fall of Napoleon in May of 1814…” “The Muller Mansion; Some Facts, Some Fiction,” Anna F. Keefe.

I can attest first hand to mystery surrounding Muller Hill. Before I knew about the historic marker I dowsed to find the Muller mansion. I was led about a quarter mile south of where the link trail crosses Muller Hill Road. On the west side of the dirt road about 100 feet into the woods I was led to an old foundation. State Forester Greg Owens tells me that an 1870 map confirms that a structure once stood there. Odd, because months later my dowsing rods would lead me to the woods behind the Mansion marker. Why was I drawn to a building in the middle of nowhere? Was it a secret hideaway house for Muller?

Sacred Earth

It is Muller Hill’s relatively un-blemished history that facilitates a soulful or mystical connection. As I have consistently stated that land, like an individual, builds up samskaras over time from repeated actions/thoughts. These samskaras attract similar thoughts and actions and can detract from our spiritual well-being if they are not neutralized.

Muller Hill has never had to experience any major calamities. It was not populated by Native Americans so it did not experience the horrific violence of the pre-Peacemaker period, nor did it face the subsequent violence of settlers upon Native Americans. The major damage to the area was the clear cutting of the forests in the nineteenth century and continues with the violent intentions and actions of hunters- minor in comparison to other areas in upstate NY, particularly our many water front areas. Muller Hill was re-forested by the CCC between 1933-1942.

Muller Hill is located on a very large “field of consciousness,” as I call it. If you believe in the Hindu philosophy that holds that the earth and mankind have a similar make-up, then view fields of consciousness as being Gaia’s soul. There are places of consciousness within Muller Hill that allow for a soulful connection and expansion of consciousness.

If you Visit

The north section of Muller Hill Forest is located on Muller Hill Road between Carpenter and Chapin Roads between the towns of . DeRuyter and Georgetown. For a more detailed map and rules and regulations go to the NYS DEC website.

The Mansion is located on Muller Hill Rd. about ¾’s of a mile west of Chapin Rd and is marked by a blue sign. Follow the path going north a few hundred yards and you will come upon the foundations for some out buildings. The mansion was located on the west side of the path near the out buildings.

When you get to the back area you will be standing in a large field of consciousness. Notice the pine trees, particularly the white pine trees, some of which mark the beginnings of lines of consciousness (ley lines). The trail continues to the right and then breaks to the left before it shortly reaches a 30- acre man made pond (1955). This whole area is wonderful and is contained within the field of consciousness.

About a mile west of the mansion the Link Trail, part of North Country National Scenic Trail that stretches to North Dakota traverses north south through Muller Hill Forest and offers great hiking. (You can find the ruins I talked about a few hundred yards south of Muller Hill Rd on the link trail south of Muller Hill Rd.)

I suggest taking the Link Trail north of where it crosses Muller Hill Road. You will immediately be stepping into a white pine forest from which many Lines of Consciousness (L.O.C.’s, Ley lines) emanate. Take in this large stand of white pine. At the end of the pine woods you will find a stone circle we built for prayer. Continue on the path and you will periodically find larger flat stones just off the trail marking sacred spots which emanate consciousness. Stand, pray or meditate on these special spots. This field of consciousness continues until the stream.

If you decide to go on you will cross a stream and eventually head up hill. As you wind up hill you will come upon a hunter’s tree stand. Notice the sharp distinction as to how the area around the tree stand feels compared to the rest of the forest—a clear demonstration of the effects of consciousness and negative samskaras. The trail continues uphill and eventually crosses Carpenter Road.

As the Map indicates there is plenty to explore. State Forester Greg Owens tells me that some old growth sections of forest can be found in the tributaries emptying into the Otstelic River. Much of the area around Muller Hill and the part of the link trail close to it is flat so it affords good cross-country skiing.

When you visit Muller Hill state forest make sure to come with an open mind and a yearning for a mystical connection, you will not be disappointed.

PS Make sure to visit nearby Spirit House a few miles away in the Hamlet of Georgetown.

God Bless and Praise Allah,

Madis Senner

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