Gaia's Soul
Lines of Consciousness (L.O.C.ís)

By madis senner

"Spirit Lines link communities, so what goes on inside a gated community will interact with what goes on within an inner city ghetto. They truly underscore the notion that we are each otherís brotherís and sisterís keeper."

Lines of consciousness (L.O.C.ís or Spirit Lines) are carriers of consciousness. They are designed to carry Godís love around the world. They are what many would call ďLey LinesĒ. Given all the interpretations of ley lines and debates about whether they are consciousness or energy, I thought it important to emphatically refer to them as carriers of consciousness.

They can very in width from a few feet to many times that. Their length can similarly vary up to thousands of miles. They are straight but can bend ever so slightly. They are invisible to the eye but can be felt by the gifted spiritual aspirant with practice.

It is difficult to ascertain how far consciousness extends beyond the actual line itself. I would say easily several hundred feet to possibly several miles around it. Factors influencing this would be the proximity to the field and power of the field, energy powering the spirit line along the way, what it encounters ( the positive--places of worship or the negativeóbusinesses, pollution, symbols of wealth), samskaras, etc.

Gerrit Smith used to hide escaping slaves on the Underground Railroad on the above land office building. Five Lines of Consciousness intersect at it.

LOCís carry consciousness around the world. They dynamically interact with consciousness it meets along its path and can magnify the power of the field of consciousness or inhibit it by covering it with Geographic samsakaras. As I noted previously geographic samskaras are a cumulative record of all that has occurred (thoughts, deeds) at a particular place. Samskaras are the biggest impediment to our collective spiritual advancement because they accumulate and begin to influence us by forming a force over us. For example, violence will attract more violence, etc.

They key point is to realize that a spirit line has the ability to carry the consciousness from a very good thought/action or very bad thought/action long distances. In other words they link communities, so what goes on inside a gated community will interact with what goes on within an inner city ghetto. They truly underscore the notion that we are each otherís brotherís and sisterís keeper.

Since spirit lines carry Gaiaís soul around the world, they are a magnet for the spiritual. This is natural because we are longing to connect with the divine and send out a positive vibe into our community. Sig Lonegren, ( Spiritual Dowsing) and other dowsers have long noted that sacred sites are often linked by ley lines. Looking for spirit lines is one of the primary things I look for when investigating sacred places for my Places of Prayer.

L.O.C.ís and Sacred Space

Lines of Consciousness(LOCís, Spirit/Ley Lines) have long been associated with sacred sites and for attracting places of worship particularly where they intersect. Many believe that the greater the number of spirit lines the more it legitimizes a sacred place.

Tens of thousands of spirit lines emanate from Mother Earthís soul in upstate New York. There are locations, not very large, from where hundreds of Spirit Lines begin from. Here are three that are easily accessible off of the Thruway (I-90):

Rochester, NY, Highland ParkóNear the Fredrick Douglas monument on the ridge going along Robinson Street crossing South Street to Alpine Street there are numerous originators. I stopped counting after 40 and estimate that easily 200-300 spirit lines emanating from there.

Whitesboro, NY (near Utica)óNumerous originators located around the corner of Victory parkway and Parkway drive.

Onondaga Lake park West Shore Trail.

One would expect to find so many Spirit lines at and originating from Gaiaís Soul. This is one of the factors that confirms to me that Mother Earth's soul does reside in upstate New York.

Spirit lines connect and attract the spiritual and all forms of consciousness from the divine to the demonic. Spirit lines can link certain types of businesses (used cars, medical, ad agencies, etc., libraries, types of individuals, or violent acts.) For example in Syracuse there is a spirit line I call the Prophetic Spirit because it links many of those that have a strong orientation towards social justice. This includes churches and individuals that are separated by miles in distance.

Intersections of spirit lines tend to be power points that draw people. They will often attract places of worship or be a meeting place or the home of someone spiritually motivated. There is a long history of this. I have found stone mounds and circles created by Spirit Keepers to mark the intersection of spirit lines that are over a thousand years old.

As we noted in the Section 1 ďThe Ability to be TransformedĒ prayer and meditation attracts/creates energy and can help magnify the influence of consciousness carried by spirit lines. Since prayer attracts energy it may well be that one of the functions performed by places of worship is to help connect with and maintain Gaiaís soul.

Intersection points of spirit lines are conducive to prayer and meditation. In particular they are places you should go for communication and connection to the divine. If you are looking for direction or answers, then go to an intersection of spirit lines. It is at intersection points that Spirit lines perform a variety of purposes beyond carrying consciousness. As I previously noted the body is made up of khoshas, sheaths or auric bodies. Similarly, Gaia is made up of various planes of existence, or what Hinduís call lokas. Theosophists (its founder Madame Blavatsky in particular) and Sri Aurobindo have talked about various planes or realms of existence. As with the koshas there is a divergence of thinking over the number of planes and sub planes. Linking these planes to the physical realm are portals that pop-up occasionally near the intersection point of LOCís. It appears that spirit lines may also act as a line of travel.

Advice to dowsers

Because there are so many Spirit Lines in a field of consciousness focus only on the center, not the shoulders. If you can step back from the originators and use a wide swath to circle around them because they can be clustered so close together.

Spirit lines emanate from originators located within in a field of consciousness. I have found them to have as little as two to as many as twelve spirit lines beginning from them. You can distinguish an originator from an intersection of spirit lines by the fact that an intersection point will have spirit lines coming in and out in a straight line. Originators have spirit lines going out from one side in different directions.

Within a large field you may large originators that act almost like a hub surrounded by grids of consciousness. Instead of a field having a few originators producing a few(3-5) spirit lines, there is a group of originators producing many LOC's. I have found as many as 12 LOCís originating from such originators at places like Onondaga Lake. Large originators send out spirit lines like rays of the sun equally separated by degrees.

In large fields there are so many originators and spirit lines created that spirit lines from one grid will intersect another grid. You will also find places where dozens and dozens of spirit lines intersect, or are in close proximity and create nests of several spirit lines intersecting that form what appears to be a ganglia of consciousness.

Interestingly, I often find white pine trees growing on top of originators or find originators in a stand of white pine trees. For example, the Muller Hillís Enchanted Forest, both on the North Country trail and near the remains of the Muller mansion, has originators located in white pine woods. A survey of Onondaga Lake done by the Finger Lakes Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers indicated that the original tree of peace planted by the Peacemaker was located on the west shore trail on an originator.

I have yet to determine how many fields and types of consciousness a spirit line passes over before it leaves Gaia's soul. No doubt several. It also appears possible that one can find a spirit line that goes to a far corner of the world that one wishes to heal. A lot more needs to be learned, but the possibilites are enormous.

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