Inman Gulf—Rim Walk with Mother Earth
Barnes Corners, NY

One of the many places of Prayer in Upstate NY.

Inman Gulf in Barnes Corners NY (20 miles southeast of Watertown) provides the pilgrim with an opportunity to experience upstate NY’s unique topography, a gulf (deep gorge), and a precious piece of Mother Earth’s soul If you are looking for a hike with spectacular views along a rim trail with a Grand Canyon like feel and a quiet and serene glen to meditate at, then Inman Gulf is for you.

Glacial Retreat

Inman Gulf was created by the retreating glaciers that once covered much of New York State. Along the Tug Hill Plateau there are many gulfs which some call canyons, or chasms, that stand as a testimony to the power of Mother Nature. The other noteworthy gulf is Whetstone Gulf.

The Tug Hill plateau is noted for its abundant snowfall that comes from Lake Ontario and other Great Lakes to the west (called Lake Effect Snow). Because of all the snow homes often have a secondary entrance on the second floor since cumulative snowfall can reach well over 10 feet.

Inman Gulf is also part of the “Lesser Wilderness”, the Adirondacks being the Greater Wilderness, for its remote and primitive nature. Today snowmobiles in the winter time and ATV’s in the summer time run rough shod over the uninhabited terrain.

Experiencing Inman

General Overview

Stacked Fields, highest number 6
Vibe Geographic Samskaras Neutral to slightly positive
Vortices of cosmic prana None
Indoor prayer places No

The trail around the rim of the gulf provides spectacular views of the canyon below and bluff on the other side. At times you will be walking close to the edge of the gulf, so be careful with little kids and dogs. While the rim walks provides a constant view of the gulf it will be filtered through trees. The vibe of geographic samskaras along the trail and neutral to good, so you won’t be bothered by negative thought forms Here is a Trail Map.

The trails are found at the northern end of the Tug Hill State Forest. The rim walk consists of three connected trails. At the western end are the Oak Rim, John Young and Inman Glide on the far eastern side. There is cross country skiing in the winter time and the trails are named for the skiers. The trails are interconnected and provide for a continuous walk along the rim. You can access the trails off of Old State Road that turns into Williams Truck Trail.

There are several stacked fields of consciousness located along the rim trail. The most accessible and sweetest can be found at the eastern end of Inman Gulf west of Rainbow falls along side a small brook.

The quickest way to get to the mini glen, about a ten minute walk, is to enter from the eastern most access where the John Young Trail intersects Old State Road. It is the second parking area on your right when you enter from Old State Road, about ½ miles from Rte. 177. It is the entrance way just west of the Inman Glide entrance and is aqua colored on the Trail Map.

Follow the trail head from the parking lot. Wear boots because parts of the trail can be wet; the trail may not be well maintained and may not be mowed. You will walk about five minutes before you intersect with the rim trail. Take a right and go east. The rim trail is well maintained. Within 100 feet you begin to slightly descend. The trail will flatten out and then turn left. You will enter a stand of hemlocks and cross a bridge over a brook. The fields of consciousness can be found immediately on the other side of the wooden bridge.

After you cross the bridge there will be a little rise. Beginning at the rise and the next 20 feet and about 10 feet in to your right is a large stacked field of consciousness. It ranges from 4 to 6 fields stacked upon each other. Stacked fields are more potent sources of consciousness because there are more fields stacked upon each other. Spend some time meditating here, it will raise your consciousness and make you feel good by getting your feel good chemicals percolating.

The mini glen has a great feel to it and you may wish to meditate at other places within it. The brook meanders for about 30 to 50 feet after the bridge before it plunges over the rim. The hemlocks are big and are a sign of an old growth forest.

Continue walking for a view of Rainbow falls.

Getting There

Barnes Corners is located on Rte 177 between Adams Center and Lowville. From the west take Rte 81 to Adams Center which is located 15 miles south of Watertown. Take Rte. 177 to the Tug Hill Forest. Follow it until Old State Road just before Barnes Corners. Immediately before you get there you will see signs for the Tug Hill State Forest and a parking area with maps. Old State Road is just up ahead. From the east take Rte 26 from Rome NY. At Lowville take a left onto Rte. 177.


Inman Gulf is part of the Tug Hill Forest ( Map of Tug Hill Forest.)

Click to see Trail Map

Inman Gulf offers cross country skiing in the winter time.

Thanks to Lorraine Mavins for her photography and assistance.

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