Stone Arabia Stone Church
Stone Arabia, NY

One of the many places of Prayer in Upstate NY.

For the pilgrim looking for a quiet and contemplative setting in the rolling hills of Upstate New York along the Mohawk Valley the Stone Arabia Church in Stone Arabia NY (35 miles east of Utica) is such a place.

The Stone Church

A marvel to the eyes the church can be seen from a distance as one approaches Stone Arabia. This farming area has the feel of a bygone era. The Amish who have been relocating to the area since the 1980’ add to that feeling as well as to the sense that they like the Palatine’s before them have come here in search of religious freedom.

“The early history of the Stone Church is entwined with the Palatines who first came to the area upon receiving the Stone Arabia Patent in 1723. This patent conveyed 12,700 acres to 28 families. Initially worshipping in other’s homes and barns, the Palatines where of the Reformed and Lutheran faiths…

Around 1733, the Reformed and Lutheran congregations began to erect a frame church building across the creek from their earlier building. However, agreement could not be reached as to the naming of the church and the Lutherans withdrew back across the creek to worship in their log church. The new congregation was known as the Dutch Reformed Church of Stone Arabia.

The Reformed Church was left in ashes following the October 19, 1780 raid of Col. Sir John Johnson. Col. Johnson was a son of the powerful loyalist Baronet, Sir William Johnson. The cemetery located behind the church holds the remains of Col John Brown and others slain during the of Johnson’s raid.

The present day graceful limestone edifice was built in 1788…In 1978 the church was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.” Stone Arabia Preservation Society.

The last service was held in 1990. Weddings, funerals and baptisms are held occasionally.

The Church and Its Grounds

The inside of the church provides a comfortable and pleasant setting. There are three sections of wooden pews that one can sit on. We were the only ones there when we visited and I imagine that you could probably spend a lot of time there and not be bothered.

The church is located on a long rectangular plot several hundred yards in length. At the far end there is a cemetery that contains the remains of Col John Brown and his men.

Mother Earth

The church sits on a Field of Consciousness. It cuts diagonally through the left side the church as you face the entrance. Most of the pews on the left side are contained within it. This would be a good place to pray or meditate. The largest part of the field is outside the church.

There is a good feel and sense to the space (single fields are pleasant but generally not very strong). Neither of us got a strong feeling one way or the other, just a pleasant serene feel to the place. As to be expected the grounds is blanketed with a positive samskara. Had we spent more time in contemplation/meditation/prayer I surmise that we would have been tapping into the consciousness of religious freedom and expression.

Visiting Stone Arabia Church

Stone Arabia Church is located at the intersection of Route 10 and Stone Arabia Rd in Stone Arabia in the town of Palatine. It is located less than 5 miles from the Palatine Bridge.

The church is open from morning to night during the summer. Members of the Stone Arabia Preservation Society endeavor to man the church on weekends in the summer. During the spring and fall the church is open on an intermittent basis. Several events are held at the church throughout the year.

If you are going at some other time I suggest you contact Ken and Carol Edwards 518-993-4280 about access to the church.

For more information contact the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce.

Please make sure to sign the registry and leave your comments if you go.

Thanks to Carol Edwards for her help.

Madis Senner

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