Danby's Forest of Prayers
Spencer NY

One of the many places of Prayer in Upstate NY.

In Danby forest there remains the spiritual embers of several soulful civilizations from long ago. At the corner of Comfort Road and Bald Hill Road in Spencer NY there is an abundance of sacred sites. Walk into the woods just north of the intersection of Comfort and Bald Hill about 50 to 100 yards due north and begin walking west and you will find them.

I will try to add more detail and pictures to this page in the months ahead. Below is a picture of a sacred circle there are several other sacred circles, sacred stones and a medicine wheel in the woods. One of the circles is on an energy vortex and will give you a boost as if you drank a few cups expresso without the edge. It id not a traditional energy vortex and need further study. Currently the sacred places end before you get to the pine forest. There are many more sites within and around the pine forest that need to be mapped out.

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