Wisdom’s Golden Rod Center for Philosophical Study
Learn, Connect and Grow
Hector, NY

One of the many places of Prayer in Upstate NY.

Wisdom’s Golden Rod located on the east shore of Seneca Lake in the Finger Lakes a few miles north of Watkins Glen is a spiritual retreat and learning center. The meditations and thoughts of its members and visitors have created a wonderful air or vibe, what I call positive geographic samskara. This is a great place to go for meditation and contemplation and to connect with Mother Earth.

The Center

The center was founded by Anthony Damiani in 1972 and has been maintained by its members since his death in 1984. It is a not for profit that professes no particular tradition but explores a variety of spiritual alternatives. There are daily group meditations and a variety of courses are offered on some interesting topics.

The grounds sit high above Seneca Lake and provide some scenic views. There are four buildings on the grounds all constructed with hand hewn logs that give them a very rustic feeling. At the same time the buildings are of eastern design creating a very visually appealing and yet homey feel. The library contains over 5,000 volumes. There is a central hall where group meditations and classes are held. There is an annex with guest rooms and a guest cottage that provides residence for long term stay. There is also a lovely garden.

Experiencing Wisdom’s Golden Rod

Since the center holds meditations daily I would suggest trying to attend a group meditation. I would also suggest looking at their program of courses to see if something is going on for a weekend or for a few days that you may be able to participate in.

There are fields of consciousness and stacked fields located throughout the grounds. The whole area has a very great vibe, or geographic samskara, that runs from “nice” to divine.

I would recommend meditating in the library or learning center. There is a stacked field of consciousness (2) located in the center of the building. Take one of the nearby meditation cushions and find a place within the floor design of the large circle. The Dalai Lama blessed this space in 1979. We both felt that it had a very lovely feel well beyond what one would had expected to find with two fields stacked upon each other. No doubt a lot of mediations and good thoughts have transpired there. If you are looking to learn to meditate or heal, meditate in this circle for as long as you can to soak up all the love that is there.

The meditation area also had a great feel to it. It was not located on any fields but did have several spirit lines intersecting within it.

There are several fields of consciousness located on the grounds, particularly around the meditation center. Just south of the meditation center by the trees is a stacked field (3). Try to feel the consciousness and spend some time there. There are several attributes associated with higher planes of existence nearby.

If you want the tranquility of a garden you will find a field of consciousness located on the west side (lakeside) of the path about 30-50 feet before the footbridge.

If you go

Wisdom’s golden Road is located at 5801 Route 414 in Hector, New York about 5 miles north of Watkins Glen. Route 414 is the major North south artery along Seneca Lake so traffic can be heavy with traffic, so be careful. The mailbox for 5801 is located about 50 feet north of the main driveway entrance at the intersection of Walsh road. You can pull in by the mailbox but parking space is limited so you should go back out and go the main parking area.

Wisdom’s Golden Rod web page.

Thanks to Lorraine Mavins for her photography and survey input.

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