Syracuse’s Sanctuary of Love and Justice
Plymouth Congregation
Syracuse, NY

One of the many places of Prayer in Upstate NY.

For those looking for a divine connection with Mother Earth at a place that has emboldened people to greatness, one must surely consider Plymouth Congregation UCC Church on 232 East Onondaga Street in the city of Syracuse, NY. The church has a long history of embracing the prophetic spirit of love and justice. It also has some divine aspects of Mother Earth that allow for a soulful connection.

Spiritually Rich

From its earliest days in 1858 the church was a stop on the Underground Railroad. Many of its founding members participated in the famous Jerry rescue in 1851. The anti-slavery Liberty Party was holding its convention and wanted to rebel against the recent passed Fugitive Slave law by freeing a slaved named ‘Jerry’ recently imprisoned by a bounty hunter.

The church continues to embody the prophetic spirit through its work in social justice by tackling issues such as racism and sexism. It provides a food bank for those struggling to put food on the table. The congregation shares its space with the Plymouth Day Care Center, Syracuse Gay and Lesbian Chorus, Narcotics Anonymous, and numerous other community groups. It has a broad and diverse membership with an emphasis on being intergenerational.

Plymouth is a United Church of Christ (UCC). Recently elected President Barack Obama has been a 20 year member. The UCC has been at the forefront of the struggle to advocate and care for the disenfranchised in our world.

Plymouth’s Vision

"We believe in a loving God, who embraces the dignity, worth and sacredness of all human beings. Plymouth Church historically has reached out to understand and accept the diversity of persons in God’s creation."

"We believe in a loving God, who does not discriminate; one who loves all persons, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, economics, ethnicity or faith."

Experiencing Plymouth

Let me begin by saying that Plymouth has a great vibe, in other words, the geographic samskaras, thought forms, permeating the church are all positive. This is remarkable given that the environs of cities across the world are generally not very hospitable and the church embraces many people struggling with addictions and other attachments that could potentially detract from the positive atmosphere and clearly it has not. It is a bright beacon of light demonstrating the power of love to transcend.

There are several stacked field of consciousness and other divine aspects of Mother Earth’s soul in the church space, particularly the sanctuary area. There is a stacked(4) field of consciousness, where four fields are placed upon each other near the front of the church by the lectern. The more fields stacked upon each other the more potent the consciousness is that emanates from there increasing your ability to absorb it. The picture on the left shows the three front rows on the left side of the picture.

The overlap area of the stack field extends from the lectern to the first three rows directly in front of it. This is one of the areas you should meditate in. Please be advised that there are several types of consciousness or attributes emanating from a field. One of which is what we call “vision consciousness”meaning that this type of consciousness facilitates vision questing, helps you see another type of reality and is prophetic in nature. Chances are that you will not experience this type of consciousness there, or at least not initially, but you need to be aware of it.

The sanctuary has several other fields of consciousness and other mystical spots within it.

Making the Beacon Shine Brighter

Along with Reverend Craig Schaub we are making an effort to have the light and divinity at Plymouth shine even brighter. We ask for your help. We envisage a city sanctuary where all can come and feel the presence of God and spirit. We envisage a refuge where all are welcome and those suffering can find peace and healing. We dream of a place where your connection to God is facilitated because others have prayed there.

When we pray and meditate in a particular place we create a nurturing environment. Over time if we continue to perform spiritual exercises at the same place that nurturing environment increases even more. This is why I always look for the geographic samskaras to determine whether it is a positive environment that can uplift you.

Mother Earth begins to respond to our overtures by spiritually improving the space. There are a variety of ways that she does this and there is a progression of processes that she undertakes over time. Those steps are already manifesting at Plymouth. The three front pews in front of the church have manifested two positive energy vortices(what I call a Natural Vortex (NV)). These vortices spin in a clockwise motion and generally are a harbinger that something special and divine has been transpiring there. They are also a great place to meditate and energize yourself.

We want to have more divine aspects manifest at Plymouth so the presence of God and spirit will shine even brighter. Please join us for one of our group meditations if you can.

Getting There

Plymouth Congregation UCC Church on 232 East Onondaga Street in the city of Syracuse, NY. Church services are held Sunday’s at 10:00 AM.

Church’s website Plymouth

If you would like to visit the church or join us for a group meditation please call 315.474.4836.

Thanks to Lorraine Mavins for her photography and survey input.

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