Forty Road Zoar Valley
Gowanda, NY

One of the many places of Prayer in Upstate NY.

For those living in western NY the Forty Road entrance (eastern side in Cattaraugus) to Zoar Valley offers access to a serene location and a sweet piece of Mother Earth's soul. A favorite of hikers and nature lovers the beautiful Zoar valley is located 30 miles south of Buffalo in Gowanda, NY.

Experiencing Zoar from the 40 Road

From the parking lot follow the road towards the Cattaraugus Creek. You will be walking on the old Forty Road that once was a thoroughfare until the bridge crossing the creek was taken down. As with many well traversed roads the vibe, or geographic samskara, is negative meaning that being in that space will diminish your consciousness, so try and walk on the side of the road. As you get closer to the creek you will begin descending. Turn to your right anywhere between 100 to 300 feet before the creek. The bank is very steep, I repeat STEEP, and there is no path so be extra careful.

Walk towards the creek. As you get closer to the creek you will find a large patch of myrtle which extends along the creek for hundreds of yards. I have created a large stone circle on a stacked (3) field of consciousness. Stacked fields of consciousness are fields that are placed upon each other (stacked) and are more powerful than single fields. See the pictures.

Spend some time meditating in the circle, it will help energize you and raise your consciousness. Fields of consciousness emanate God’s highest aspirations for humanity and when you mediate on them your soul will be the better for it. Your prayers will also help Mother Earth and humanity because the spirit lines (what some call ley lines) emanating from those fields will carry that consciousness around the world.

The vibe in the area is good so you may want to walk along the creek by following the herd path. Those more adventurous may wish to take a creek walk in the water. If you do decide to take a walk in the water bring along a pair of Tevas or something similar to wear in the water. Be aware that in the spring, or after storms, the water can run fast and furious and is dangerous. I suggest bringing along a pair of water shoes regardless if you plan on walking in the creek or not.

Longer Term Dream

I usually pass on recommending people visit a place with only a stacked(3) field of consciousness. However, I am hoping that this one site by Forty Road is the beginning of something more; that perhaps I can someday join with others and create a trail walk that has numerous sites on it. Or perhaps a sacred walk, or stone circles on Martins point above in the old growth forest. My preliminary work shows that there are many more fields besides this one and those at Valentine Flats. So the Martin's point area and below would be a good place to nuture and build upon.

Many people have worked hard to rescue this special place and make it part of the public domain for all to use. So a lot of love has been and will continue to be applied to it. It is also has a rich history of being a sacred place for many Native American Cultures. Julie Broyles of the Zoar Valley Nature Society says that the remnants of several earthen mounds are found in the greater Zoar Valley.

Getting there

Map of Zoar Valley

Topo map

NY DEC website and directions

This is the eastern entrance of Forty Road, also known as the access point to Martin’s point. It is just west of the intersection of Wickham and Forty roads in Cattaragus county.
From Gowanda take Zoar Road east. Take a right onto North Road (Rte 11) going south. Take a left onto Wickham Road and then a right onto Forty road. Follow until signs say stop.
From Otto take North Road (Rte 11) going north. Take a left (west) onto Forty Road. Follow until signs say stop.

Make sure to visit Valentine Flats when visiting the Zoar Valley.

Making Zoar Glow

In August of 2008 Mother Earth Prayers planted a seed in Zoar Valley when I wrote up Valentines Flats. No doubt this was in response to the love and hard work others have already put in. This write up of the precious piece of Mother Earth's soul near the Forty Road along the Cattaragus Creek shows that the seed is taking hold. Help make that seed grow stronger by visiting and praying/meditating/doing ceremony in the Zoar Valley. You can also join Mother Earth Prayers or a conservancy group in helping maintain or adding to the spiritual glow in the Zoar Valley.

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