Emotional Healing
Chapel at Upstate Med—Syracuse, NY

One of the many places of Prayer in Upstate NY.

If you ever find yourself grief stricken, depressed or in despair, go the Chapel at Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse NY. You will get a firm hug of emotional healing and be at a place that radiates God’s love.

What makes this place so wonderful is location, location, location. It rests upon a place that God has truly blessed with divine and unique features. We are able to experience these feelings because the staff and the people that attend the chapel have filled it with love, devotion and hope. This love and intention have magnified the divine qualities of the space into a noticeable presence.

Prayer Book-letters to God

A book of people’s unique and sincere handwritten prayer messages to God filled with the raw emotion of people in emotional pain is located in back of the chapel. It can be difficult to read, but it can also be powerfully inspiring. All are welcome to read and write in it. Here are a few of the prayers:

Dear Lord, Please let our father go in peace. He will be a wonderful servant. “God Bless”.
Also would you give our mother the strength to go on either way. Comfort our Dad’s loved ones who pray over him when it’s his time.
Thank you

Thank you for helping me with my self-confidence. And becoming calm.
I really needed a prayer!

I don’t understand
I don’t feel supported.
Why this?
But you are a God who is always with us.


The minute you walk into the chapel you are struck with the sense that much prayer has taken place there. Those prayers and good intentions have created a very strong and positive land samskara. (Hinduism holds that with each thought we have, we create a samskara, or thought impression. Over time a particular samskara can build up and gather strength if we think or do the same thing over and over. If we do not clean up our samskaras in our current life, we carry them forward as our karma into our next life.) All the praying that has taken place in the chapel has created a strong land samskara that encourages more prayer and attracts people to pray there.

There are numerous lines of consciousness (L.O.C.’s, ley lines) located throughout the chapel. There are five places that have from 3 to 5 LOC's intersecting at them. LOC’s and their intersection points are generally associated with sacred sites or sites that are very positively powerful. Five intersection points is a lot.

There are also numerous energy vortices in the chapel as well as a water dome. These are all features you would expect to find at a sacred site.

Healing Consciousness

The real jewel of the chapel is the many places of emotional healing consciousness (10 or so). I call them places of emotional healing consciousness because they radiate God’s emotional healing love. Stand on, or by them and they will help you emotionally heal. How much healing will be a function of a variety of factors. It will also take several days for the healing to fully work through you.

The places of healing consciousness found at the chapel are real jewels. If properly nurtured with prayer, good actions and intentions, their healing qualities can radiate far beyond the walls of the chapel.

God's Gift

The chapel is blessed with healing consciousness that can help you emotionally heal. It truly is sacred space.

The many LOC’s (Lines of consciousness) intersecting in the chapel carry the healing love of God nurtured there into the greater Syracuse community and well beyond. LOC’s dynamically interact with the places through which they traverse by picking up and emanating (dropping off) consciousness they encounter along their path. They can be a powerful force for carrying God’s light and love around the world. In The Prophetic Spirit I noted how one Line of Consciousness linked Syracuse’s most prophetic churches (University Methodist, Grace Episcopal, St. Andrews) and those that embodied the prophetic spirit (Berrigan, Rumpf) over a distance of many miles.

In my quest to encourage people to pray in the greater Upstate New York area, I have recently been blessed with knowledge about healing and other forms of consciousness. It is my opinion that these places of consciousness that are found in abundance around the greater CNY is the influencing factor that has led CNY’ers to greatness—the Great Law of Peace, abolitionism, women’s movement, America’s Second Great Awakening, Mormonism, etc…..

I am currently writing a piece that will detail my findings about earth consciousness in greater detail.

If You Go

The Chapel and the Center for Spiritual Care is open to public 7 days a week 24 hours a day. It is located on the First Floor of Upstate Medical Center (750 East Adams Street, Syracuse NY 13210.315-464-4687). Go to the front desk and ask to go to the chapel. Upstate Medical has strict security but you do not need a pass to go to the chapel, ATM or store located next to the front desk. You will need ID.

The Chapel is ecumenical and provides a variety of services (Catholic, Muslim…). There is a keen focus on prayer and meditation. You can make a prayer request by filling out a yellow prayer card.. There is a chaplain on service daily and volunteers help out at the chapel. The Zen center leads a meditation Thursday’s at 12:30. For more information: Spiritual Care

The Chapel at Upstate Medical is a wonderful resource for all in our community to use. I encourage you to tell those grieving or depressed to go there to help them heal. Please go there yourself and help it radiate even more with God’s healing love.

Special thanks to Rev. Terry Culbertson and Rev. Jerry Shave for their help.

God Bless and Praise Allah,

Madis Senner

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