Deer Creek Wildlife Area—Refuge on Lake Ontario
Pulaski, NY

One of the many places of Prayer in Upstate NY.

Deer Creek Wildlife Refuge on the eastern shore of Lake Ontario in Oswego County offers a unique opportunity to connect with Mother Earth’s soul and at the same time experience some of the best that Lake Ontario has to offer. If you are a water person looking for a seaside location to meditate at this is the place. It is close to the city of Oswego that is rated one of the top places in the world to catch the setting sun.

The Refuge

Deer Creek contains 1, 195 acres on the eastern shore of Lake Ontario. It is made up over a mile of beachfront (mostly Lake Ontario stones), sand dunes, a bird sanctuary, an estuary and lots of woods. In 1979 the state of NY employed the right of imminent domain to rescue this land to protect the sand dunes and provide a sanctuary for birds.

This is a wildlife refuge; there are no facilities on the grounds, no place to barbecue, no place to pitch a tent, no place to start a fire, no place to play ball. It is a place to watch birds and take in Mother Nature.

Experiencing Deer Creek

We happened upon Deer Creek Memorial Day of 2009. We did not have much time to spend there exploring the sand dunes, the inlet, the birds etc. We went right to the water and WOW! What we found.

Bear right as you leave the Rainbow Shores parking lot. You will not have to go more than 100 feet before you will come upon Mother Earth’s soul. On the left side of where the path forks there is a stacked field of consciousness where five fields are placed upon each other. Each stacked field adds to the potency of the consciousness. Five is very good, particularly on the waterfront.

Continue bearing right. As you get close to the water there is another stacked field (4) on the knoll just before you descend to the beach. If you walk left (south) there is another good place just before you reach a tree that sweeps across the beach that has a stacked field (5).

Any of the beach area located from where you entered to the tree is an excellent place to meditate or contemplate at, as is the land behind it (up to and around the general area where the two paths fork.) This whole area contains numerous stacked fields of consciousness. The geographic samskaras were all positive in this area as well.

There is a high potential for solitude. When we were there on Memorial Day there was only one other party of people on the beach and they were far away. Although there is a Rainbow Shores camp ground close by that could create a ruckus.

Getting There

Deer Creek Preserve is located off of Rte 3 a little north of Port Ontario and a few miles northwest of Pulaski. There are several access points. To get to the beach you will have to turn west from Rte 3 onto Rainbow Shores Road. Take a left onto a dirt road just before the road dead-ends at the water. Bear to the left on the dirt road. It will eventually dead-end at the parking lot.

Thanks to Lorraine Mavins for her photography.

Map of Deer Creek Wildlife Area.

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