Mother Earth’s Role in the Healing Process

By madis senner

When we think about healing and staying healthy we usually do not think about our relationship with Mother Earth. Yet, very often it is someone’s disconnection from her that is responsible for their illness. So it is not surprising that a big dose of Mother Earth’s energies and essences can jump start us back to health. Whether you want to stay healthy, or heal others, it is important to understand that a good relationship with Mother Earth is integral to your well being.

The Field

The ether around us is filled with a host of energies and essences, one of which is the life force, what feng shui practitioners and acupuncturists call qi and what Vedanta (Hinduism) calls prana. Without the life force we would die. It is said that the heart may stop beating but as long as we have prana we are alive.

The life force is constantly in motion traveling across the surface of the earth. It along with Mother Earth’s other invisible essences create what some have called a Field. Think of it as being like the geomagnetic field that surrounds the planet, but this Field surrounds Mother Earth and the whole universe. The Field is also made up of consciousness, numerous essences and other feature of Mother Earth that we cannot comprehend or understand. We are immersed in this field 24/7---it baths us, nurtures and feeds us—our health and vitality are dependent upon it.

Renowned medical researcher Dr. Robert O. Becker a pioneer in the study of how electricity and magnetics can facilitate healing bone fractures notes, “that the present normal earth magnetic field is an important parameter of the environment for living things. Changes in the fields in the past have been shown to exert evolutionary pressure and possibly even to have been associated with biogenesis. All living things are at present intimately tied to various aspects of the earth’s field…” (Page 74, Becker & Marino, Electromagnetism and Life.)

Healing is about Tapping Into Mother Earth

Over a century ago the medical practice of homeopathy recognized that our health and susceptibility to illness was dependent upon the strength of our vital force. Believing that illness is related to some weakness in our vital force it looks to reestablish its strength to bring us back to health.

Some in modern medicine have accepted our connection to the Field and are studying how it affects our health. Dr Richard Gerber in Vibrational Medicine notes that

All life on Earth is dependent upon background magnetic energy. In a sense, it is the energy of Mother Earth that cradles living cells in a nurturing and orienting energy environment…..The magnetic earthfield may thus provide a kind of added power to the energy-field projection of healers….I believe that healers may be tapping into the geomagnetic field through this magnetic grid system… page 590-594

When we examine hands on healers, such as a Reiki or Therapeutic Touch practitioners it is evident that when they do a healing they are channeling energy from Mother Earth into someone’s subtle body. Basically the healer is tapping into Mother Earth’s Field to reinvigorate the patient.

Table 1

Table 1

Exhibits 1 and 2 show what happens during a healing. In Exhibit 1 we see prana moving from left to right and intersecting with and nurturing someone’s head (circle). The arrows are an over-dramatization to show the movement of the life force. In Exhibit 2 when the healer begins the healing and places their hands upon the patient they begin to draw the life force towards them. Notice how the arrows around the healer are drawn towards their hands creating a small pocket, or vortex, that can extend several feet in diameter. This pocket is the increased life force that is drawn towards them; in other words they are getting a very large dose of the life force that they are channeling into the person being healed. It is this extra dose of prana that facilitates the healing process.

Rekindle your Connection to Mother Earth

Healing is about connecting to Mother Earth. Similarly staying healthy is about remaining connected to Mother Earth. When we are attuned to and in sync with her we are absorbing the life force and her other essences that we need to stay healthy and vigorous.

Rekindling your relationship with Mother Earth begins by paying attention to her. When we are focused on what the Bhagavad-Gita calls “sense objects”, or the “material world”, we are not fully connected to Source (the Field) and are deprived of some of her nutrients. Something as simple seeing her and appreciating her—the trees, the flowers, the hills, the streams—instead of the bill boards, telephone poles, or pavement will start your sojourn. Begin to see her in your daily life. Practice the Native American custom of giving thanks to her. Thought is power and when we focus our thoughts on Mother Earth we give strength to her and our relationship with her.

You also need to make an effort to reduce technology in your life. Not only does it compete for your affections, but much of it creates electropollution that harms you and Mother Earth. Electromagnetic waves and radio waves can disrupt Mother Earth’s Field, even creating dead spots. This onslaught of technology has created one of the biggest impediments to our connection to Mother Earth by disturbing her Field.

As you rekindle your relationship with Mother Earth you will gain sentience of her and begin to feel her. Over time you will begin to sense that different places have a different feel, or vibe to them. You will also learn to discern how some places can give you a bigger dose of prana, or other sweet essences of Mother Earth, or are good places to meditate. Location can enhance your connection to the Field. This and other knowledge and better health will come to you as you strengthen your bond with Mother Earth.

Heal Thyself, Reconnect with Mother Earth.

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To see a You Tube Video of the movement of prana during a healing go to:Healing/Reiki Video

Madis Senner is sentient of Mother Earth and her various energies and essences. He maintains a listing of sacred sites at Mother Earth Prayers. His book The Way Home—Making Heaven on Earth explains our dynamic relationship with Mother Earth and her subtle body.

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