Energy Vortices

By madis senner

One of the most influential unseen forces created by humankind are energy vortices, or vortexes. These swirling pools of energy can either lift you up, or damage you by draining your subtle body of its vitality causing innumerable ailments and illnesses. They are found in abundance around the world; unfortunately the debilitating negative energy vortices, one of the main culprits in creating geopathic stress, far out number positive natural vortices

Once created, energy vortices can remain intact for centuries, or even eons. Learning to feel or to sense them, or being able read them with a dowsers L-rods is a key to anyone wishing to better understand our dynamic relationship with Mother Earth and work with earth phenomena.

Whirling pools of Energy

Energy vortices are whirling pools of energy. The spinning vortex creates a pull upon the immediate environment and influences the flow of prana by altering its straight line path. (To learn more about the flow of prana see: “The Circulation of Prana”.) Vortexes are a common feature of the unseen world and are found in earth chakras, earth ducts and other apparatus in the ether around us. The energy vortices that I am talking about are not features of permanent structures in the unseen world, but form because of human interaction with Mother Earth and her Field. They are created and found in the plane of energy that fuels and powers the physical plane, what I call the Pranic Plane, what Sri Aurobindo calls the Vital Plane and what Theosophists refer to as the Etheric Plane.

The uplifting natural vortex has a clockwise spin (counter-clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere) and baths you in Mother Earth’s life forces. The vortex taps into Mother Earth’s field and draws prana from its immediate area towards its center. This increased draw of prana from the spinning vortex is fed into its center. Anyone situated in a natural vortex is bathed with this increased draw, or dose of prana. Natural vortices are great places for healing, connecting with spirit and invigorating oneself. They are a very positive feature.

Debilitating negative vortices spin in a counter-clockwise motion (clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere) and exert a pull upon the energy in your subtle body draining it of vitality. Basically they are mini-tornadoes that deplete you and rob you of energy. Whereas natural vortices feed you increased prana, negative energy vortices drain you of prana. They give me headaches. They can also create migraines, sleep disorders, anxiety and much worse if you linger in them for extended periods of time. Unfortunately, many people do linger in them unknowingly and consequently suffer because of it. I call them mini-tornadoes because they are destructive like tornadoes. I also think that they actually are a form of a tornado and are related to, or contribute to, the formation of larger negative vortexes such as tornadoes and hurricanes.

Geographic Samskaras

Energy vortices begin as thought forms. Each thought that we have creates a thought form that looks to manifest itself, attaches to the thinker and to where the thought occurred. I call the thoughts that attach to a place geographic samskara(s.) (Samskara is the Vedanta (Hindu) term to describe a thought that attaches to your subtle body, like a groove on a vinyl record, becoming a permanent record of your thoughts and actions. To learn more go to: Geographic Samskara(s).

Vedanta calls our thoughts vritti(s), literally translated as whirlpool. It is this circular whirlpool motion of the thought that plants itself on us and at the location where it occurred. Each thought is like a seed that tries to have us think or do the same thing over and over again. If we keep thinking or doing the same thing at the same place over time the seed thought, or samskara gets stronger. All the time the seed thought is looking to plant more seeds and encouraging us to think or repeat the same behavior. As it gets stronger the swirl of the whirlpool gets stronger as well. Eventually the swirl becomes so strong that it becomes a vortex and begins pulling in prana from its immediate environment.

Mother Earth Responds

A natural vortex is a positive uplifting vortex that has a clockwise spin to it. I call them natural vortexes because they form naturally through the joint effort of humankind and Mother Earth. They are Mother Earth’s response to our overtures to heal, to give, to help or to aspire to the divine and spiritual though praying, meditating or ceremony. She is sending us the equivalent of a hug of increased energy.

The idea that Mother Earth responds to our intentions and actions has been observed by geomancers and dowsers. Sig Lonegren, geomancer and author of Spiritual Dowsing writes.

“There have been other dowsers who have also noticed the apparent ability of new labyrinths that were used regularly, to draw water to them - John Wayne Blassingame and Marty Cain, both good dowsers in the US - to mention two. Here at Benton, was the first time I had seen that energy leys were also drawn to the newly constructed space.” “The Gathering Earth Energies: An Interim Report”; Lonegren, Sig; Mid-Atlantic Geomancy;

Conversely, the counterclockwise spin of negative energy vortices drain you of energy. They form where bad things such as violence, hate, thievery or negative thinking have occurred. They begin as a negative seed thought (negative geographic samskara) that seeks to encourage negative behavior and thinking. As they develop they begin to disrupt and eventually block the flow of prana creating dead spots in Mother Earth’s Field. Over time, fed by negativity (thinking and actions) they become negative energy vortices that drain and rob you of vitality. Negative energy vortices are one of the biggest components of geopathic stress creating innumerable diseases from migraines to sleep disorders and worse with the long term exposure.

Intention determines.

There are a host of pranas that can create a variety of vortexes. For natural or positive vortices, it is our intention that will determine the type of prana drawn to create the vortex. For example, healing work will attract earth prana, (I call it earth prana because it is the only prana recycled through the ether and the earth) that has to do with the physical world, or in this case the physical body. Any location that has had hands on healing done there for an extended period of time will have drawn (created) a vortex of earth prana.

Meditation and prayer will attract the highest form of prana, what I call cosmic prana. Cosmic prana has the highest component of consciousness: Prana is made up of varying degrees of energy and consciousness and is delineated based upon it consciousness content; a higher consciousness component is associated with spiritual endeavors, a higher energy component is associated more with the physical world. A vortex of cosmic prana takes quite some time and spiritual acumen to create, consequently it is more enduring and resilient than other vortices made up of pranas that have a higher energy and lower a consciousness component.

Negative energy vortices generally begin as a vortex of earth prana. As it gains strength it will begin to draw higher forms of prana that have a higher consciousness component. The stronger it gets the more resilient and enduring it becomes. A negative vortex that contains cosmic and all the other pranas is very pernicious and very difficult to clear. Such a negative energy vortex will have a much more debilitating affect upon Mother Earth’s Field and the human subtle body than a vortex of earth prana.

While a vortex of a certain type of prana will draw that same type of prana, it will usually not impact the flow of other pranas. For example, a natural vortex of earth prana will not affect the flow of cosmic prana and a natural vortex of cosmic prana will not affect the flow of earth prana. This is generally not the case for mini tornadoes, or negative energy vortices.

Working with Natural Vortices

A great feature of natural vortices are that they give you an extra boost of prana and can facilitate a particular effort. For example, a vortex of cosmic prana is a great place to meditate and raise your consciousness because of the increased flow of cosmic prana. Vortexes of earth prana are great places to go for healing because they will give you an increased dose of earth prana which will facilitate healing.

Vortexes can also provide a gauge of the history of a particular location. For example, whenever I do a survey of a sacred site I am looking for vortices of cosmic prana because they would indicate that someone has done a lot of ceremony, praying or mediating in a particular area. Because they take long to form they take along time to dissipate and can remain at a sacred site for centuries, or even millennia if left undisturbed. In other words, barring other features of Mother Earth, if there are no cosmic prana vortices at a location you can assume that it was not a sacred site previously and may only be a pile of stones, or performed some other function.

A Whirlwind

Energy vortexes are one of the most common features found in our environment. This is because they are one of Mother Earth’s first responses to our interaction with her. Natural vortices mark an acceleration of that union that can hasten and enhance our spiritual development. Negative energy vortices are places where we, humankind, have sullied and damaged Mother Earth’s subtle body.

It is important to understand how our thoughts and actions affect Mother Earth if we are going to heal her. Negative energy vortices need to be avoided and cleared in order to return Mother Earth’s subtle body back to its proper functioning. A natural vortex is something that humankind needs to build upon if we are going to transcend the physical world. They are the first step in what can be a beautiful union.

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