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We ask that you please make a $20 donation or more and join the Spirit House Society. Your donation will be used to help purchase and restore Spirit House and its 3.5 acres in Georgetown NY and turn it into a spiritual healing and retreat center, a place where people can come to heal, raise their consciousness and contemplate making a better world. At the same time we look to honor Spirit Houseís rich history and architecture and have it be a place where the historic and preservation minded can learn and observe. We are a diverse group with varying interests that are gathering to save this historic place.(Spirit House Society Video)

The Wedding Cake House

Spirit House is known as the Wedding Cake house for its ornate design, the scalloped pattern of the sides of the house and its three tiered cornice with downward pointing keys. It is a national and state historic site that Tony Opalka, a historic site coordinator for the state Department of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, describes as unique and like nothing else in the state of New York.

A Divine Place

There is something special about the land on which Spirit House sits. Some say it is haunted, full of ghosts and spirits. It is listed as a haunted place in books like Haunted places: the national directory.

But is one personís haunted place another personís sacred or holy place? Is it like the difference between seeing a glass half empty or half full? Please read Are There Ghosts at Spirit House?

Spirit House truly is a divine place. It is the top listing of sacred sites on Mother Earth Prayers. We also believe that the Spirit House land has a long history of being used as a sacred place going back many centuries.

The Listing

The last resident to live in Spirit House was Alice Cositt 20 years ago, who first moved there in 1899. The next owner who inherited the house, feared if she sold the house she would die. When she passed in 2009 her estate put it up for sale.

The home has had its price reduced twice and is currently listed at $89,900.

The house needs help. It has been totally gutted because of rain damage. The furnace has been removed. It has not been painted in years and needs to be seriously scraped and painted. It appears to be structurally fine, but we are not sure because a building inspector has not inspected it. The barn is in need of support for the second floor.

Our Plans

Your can read our plans at Business Plan. We hope to raise enough money to buy the property and restore the house over time. The extent of the restoration will be depend upon grant money, the assistance of historians and preservationists involved in the Spirit House Society and donations. We want to restore Spirit House, but are concerned that costs could balloon.

While the house may take time we think that the grounds can be improved quickly. We believe that with a little work we can make it an inviting and serene place that is conducive to contemplation and prayer.

We envision Spirit House as place that people can come to for spiritual connection or prayer, meditation and contemplation first and foremost. We also hope to provide courses, workshops and have guest speakers over time. We are planning fund raising events in the spirit of the place such as holistic and psychic fairs.

Join Us

You can join the Spirit House Society by making a $20 donation or more. For this you will get two free passes and an invitation to our annual meeting, which we plan to be a fun filled spiritual gala, but who knows. If you are interested in making a significantly larger donation please contact us, email link below at the end.

We are also looking for volunteers to come help restore and maintain the house and its property. If you have basic construction, gardening or maintenance skills or are just willing to lend us a hand please contact us. We are looking for people to help with raising the spiritual energy of the place as well.

Should our effort to buy Spirit House fail, we will be allocating the donations that we received to Mother Earth Prayers and the other organizations that have significantly contributed to our effort. Spirit House Society Members will have input on where the money goes.

Heal the World and Heal Thyself

When Brown built Spirit House he was like many others who flooded into upstate NY after the Erie Canal was built in 1821 who dreamed of a better world, and to him this was Spiritualism. The area would become a hot bed of spiritual experimentation, utopian communities and democratic reforms. It was the birthplace of the Womenís movement, Americaís Second Awakening, the Evangelical movement, the New Age Movement, Spiritualism, Mormonism and more.

We hope to rekindle Spirit House to be a place where visitors can be spiritually healed and dream of a better world. The consciousness that motivated its builder, Tim Brown and others in North Star Country such as Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony, Gerrit Smith and Fredrick Douglas still lingers at Spirit House.

Join us.

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