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“Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue. They are developed from small deadly sins against nature. When enough sins have accumulated, illness will suddenly appear.”

Articles on Mother Earth and Health

The Relationship Between Trees and Human Health; US Forest Service Reports that trees help resist Cardiovascular Disease. With the emerald ash borer devastating ash trees across the country research is showing that areas struck by the ash borer have seen a significant rise in cardiovascular disease and pneumonia.

Nature nurtures creativity says study in this YouTube video by CBS News.

Inflammation, Illness & Mother Earth Discusses how inflammation is behind just about every chronic disease from heart disease, to cancer to rheumatic diseases and tells how inflammation is associated with our disconnect from Mother Earth. Recommends getting healthy by reconnecting with Mother Earth.

Amish Farm Kids Have Lower Asthma, Allergy Risk: Study The Study found that farm children particularly Amish children had a much lower rate of asthma and allergies. Scientists hypothesized that the ‘Hygiene Hypothesis,” that our too clean environment and lack of exposure to a variety of germs at an early age was the reason for lower rates of asthma and allergies among Amish children, who do not recieve anitbiotics and are exposed to farm animals. No consideration was given to the fact that farm kids are more connected to Mother Earth and Amish children have a much lower exposure to technology (computers, cell phones, electronics...) which wreaks havoc on Mother Earth and disconnect us from her.

Are You Connected To Her?

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