The Degeneration of Blocked Prana

The Flow of Prana, Mind Body

Prana (Hindu Vedanta and Tantra term), what feng shui practitioners call chi or qi, is the life force that sustains humanity and the rest of the world. We cannot live without it. Prana is meant to flow across the surface of the earth giving life to and interacting with all that it comes in contact with. As within our own subtle body the flow of prana is regulated by a series of earth chakras, ducts and energy lines. There are several forms of prana in the ether around us. The one that I will be referring to is what I call Earth (also Material) Prana, because it is the prana that is recycled through the earth. Because it is circulated through the earth it is coarser and of a lower nature. See The Circulation of Prana; How Mother Earthís Subtle Body Works.

Earth prana is released from ducts on the surface of the earth and is drawn to an earth chakra a few hundred meters away. Like a human chakra the vortex of the earth chakra draws the prana in and recycles it through the earth before it is sent back into the air. Prana moves in a fairly straight line in the ether around us. Material objects and other factors can alter or even disrupt its flow. If it's flow is disrupted for a while longer term blockages will begin to form.

Exhibit A--smooth flow of prana.Prana moves unfettered from an duct(d) to an earth chakra(c).

Exhibit B--prana moving around object. Blocked prana moves around objects and continues on its path.

Exhibit C Disrupted flow of prana. The flow of prana is blocked and beginning to stagnate.

Exhibit D Disrupted flow of prana The flow of prana is seriously disrupted.

Exhibit E Disrupted flow of prana forms negative energy vortex or a mini-tornado. The negative energy vortex is beginning to draw energy towards it, away from the earth chakra.

The flow of prana

To better understand the degeneration in the flow of prana please look at Exhibitís A to E that show the movement of prana unencumbered and the progressive degenerative stages when its flow is blocked. In a perfect world (Exhibit A) earth prana is released from a duct and travels towards an earth chakra in the distance. As it moves it interacts with everything that it meets along its path. To better understand the dynamic interaction with what it meets look to Exhibit B. Living things, humans, animals and plants absorb the prana while inanimate objects will block or divert its path. Notice how in Exhibit B objects only momentarily divert the flow of prana and as soon as it passes the object it resumes its normal flow.

Exhibit C shows how prana, chi/qi, can have its flow disrupted to such a great degree that its movement is hindered and it can begin to stagnate in spots. Over time the stagnation area grows (Exhibit D) to the point that the amount of prana reaching the earth chakra is significantly reduced. It appears that stagnating prana dissipates and looses it vitality rather quickly, although we really donít know exactly what happens.

Over time stagnating prana will increasingly degenerate and forms what dowsers call a negative energy vortex, or what most of us would consider being a mini-tornado (Exhibit E.) and resembling the movement of a whirlpool. A negative energy vortex spins in counter-cyclical (cyclical in the southern hemisphere) and like a tornado, exerts a pull on the things around it; a pull that can be very powerful. A negative energy vortex will deplete you by drawing prana and other vital forces from your body if you are in close proximity to it. You may experience a headache, a feeling of lightness as if your blood sugar dropped quickly, or just an overall draining or unpleasant feeling. Over time a negative energy vortex will increase in size.