Healing and the Flow of Earth Prana
By Madis Senner

Examination of healers, such as reiki practitioners shows that the location and environment where they practice matters and when they do healings where prana is blocked, their efforts are impaired. Earth prana, is drawn from the immediate area towards the person doing the healing (Exhibit F.) The healing creates a small pocket, or circle of several feet in diameter around the healer as the earth prana in the immediate is drawn towards the healer. I call this a hug from Mother Earth as she is responding to the healers by sending them a healing hug of increased prana.

Exhibit F-HealingHealing attracts earth prana among other things.

Exhibit G--prana moving around object. Earth prana is blocked and is not able to go to the healing.

Healings done where earth prana is stagnating, or has its flow blocked draws little if any earth prana towards the healing area as shown in Exhibit G. If a healer who is focused on tapping into Mother Earth is not able to draw sufficient earth prana for a healing in an area where prana is blocked, we must assume that everyone is similarly hampered in such a place. So must assume our prana intake is reduced in an area where wind turbines are blocking the flow of prana. It should be noted that other pranas are not blocked and will be drawn to the healing area.